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The illustration field is a new area of exploration for me although I have always had a deep love for children's books. When I was a kid my fun in reading was analyzing the pictures, figuring out how the artist made that magic happen. The illustrations were the story for me. Illustrating picture books is such a challenge. I had no idea.



I paint with soft pastels on colored sanded paper. I fell in love with pastels because of their brilliant hues and immediacy, after learning to use oils and watercolors . Although I still paint with watercolors often, the challenge of making a clean mark with soft pastels continues to intrigue me.


I approach my easel as a painter rather than as a draftsman. Primarily a plein air landscape painter, I tend to paint in one shot. If I don’t catch what I want in the amount of time I have, I rarely go out again to work on that same piece. The size of a piece is dictated by the amount of time I have to work in a particular spot.



The figural work I make is done in the studio. These pieces are large and emotionally loaded. They take quite along time, often months, to complete.


I am now an Emerita in the Wild Women Artists, an eclectic and organic group of artists who show together in various venues every year. I was an active member (beginning as a Guest Artist) for 23 years, beginning in 1993.

I am an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and was selected as an Illustrator Mentee in the Nevada Mentorship program of SCBWI in 2013/14.

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